Our Offer

A good physician practices preventative medicine. At the Poyner Law Firm, we practice preventative law.  Our job is to anticipate problems and have the legal mechanisms to resolve them in place before the IRS, disappointed relatives, and trial attorneys begin to circle your estate.

You are invited to consult personally with Jessica J. Poyner, concerning either your own estate planning needs or another matter regarding your involvement in, or concerns with, another’s estate, probate, or trust.

Your consultation will last approximately one hour at a cost of $325. This fee does not include assistance in the preparation or completion of any written forms or document and does not result in an attorney/client relationship. However, if you do retain us, your paid consultation fee will be deducted from your first bill.


To take advantage of our offer, please complete the following questionnaire and contact our office to schedule an appointment.


If you have further questions please call us at 408-358-1900 or email us at: sk@poynerlaw.com

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